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Salary for Full Time and Part Time Employees by Program Area

If you would like a custom chart, please contact us. If you would like a custom chart, please contact us.

Survey Completion Shortcuts

  A followup to the survey completion tutorial covering a couple additional features and techniques to aid users with large numbers of surveys to complete. Topics: ┬áBulk save Form OR Program as “No Data” ┬áSorting Surveys screen Moving through “Next Survey” Copy and Paste tabular data (Only tested for Firefox and Chrome)

FAEIS Information Site Introduction Video

The following video serves as an introduction to our static information site. You’ll learn how to navigate through our website and be introduced to some of the main features.

NAUFRP Presentation Fall 2016

NAUFRP Presentation This is the presentation given by the FAEIS team at the Fall 2016 NAUFRP conference. Please feel free to review it if you would like more information about FAEIS.

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