FY 2000

Higher Education Programs
Science and Education Resources Development

Cooperative State Research, Education,

and Extension Service

U.S. Department of Agriculture

September 2000


Overview of Program

The 1890 Institution Teaching and Research Capacity Building Grants Program was launched in FY 1990 to achieve three major goals: (1) to strengthen linkages among the 1890 institutions, other colleges and universities, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), and private industry; (2) to advance cultural diversity of the food and agricultural scientific and professional work force by attracting and educating more students from underrepresented groups; and (3) to enhance the quality of teaching and research programs at the 1890 institutions to more readily establish them as full partners in the U.S. food and agricultural sciences higher education system. It is designed to be a high impact program and is unique in that it is the only Federal initiative targeted specifically towards strengthening the quality of programs in the food and agricultural sciences at the historically black land-grant institutions.

The 1890 land-grant institutions and Tuskegee University are uniquely qualified to contribute to the cultural diversity of the food and agricultural scientific and professional work force. Founded to provide mainstream educational opportunities in many disciplines to the black community while promoting respect for cultural diversity, these colleges and universities today enroll and educate not only African-American students, but Asian, Hispanic, and other American and international students. Similarly, their faculty represent a diverse array of ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

Now in its eleventh year, the Capacity Building Grants Program has achieved notable success and is attributed priority status by the USDA/1890 Task Force appointed by the Secretary of Agriculture. Since 1990, the Program has awarded almost $95 million ($94,871,015) to the 1890 Institutions and Tuskegee University in support of 471 projects -- $46,018,506 for 268 teaching projects and $48,852,509 for 203 research projects.

The Capacity Building Grants Program is administered by the Higher Education Programs office in the Science and Education Resources Development division of the Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service. This program is competitive in nature and provides support to the 1890 Institutions and Tuskegee University for teaching and research projects in targeted high-priority areas. It encourages matching support from non-Federal sources and also requires cooperation with one or more USDA agency(ies) in developing a proposal and carrying out a project, thereby strengthening departmental partnerships and linkages with these important minority institutions.

The projects funded during the first ten years of the program are well underway at all of the recipient institutions. Research projects are focusing on such areas as biotechnology, human nutrition, aquaculture, plant science, and animal science. Teaching projects are addressing innovative student recruitment, educational delivery systems, and curricula enhancement strategies in such areas as agribusiness management and marketing, regulatory sciences, plant and soil sciences, and veterinary science.

FY 2000 Program

In FY 2000, $9,200,000 were appropriated for this program. One hundred and fifty two (152) proposals were received in FY 2000 representing a total funding request of approximately $38 million. These included 101 research proposals and 51 teaching proposals. Grant applications were reviewed by a peer review panel comprised of 49 experts representing university educators and research scientists, Federal Government professionals and individuals from the private sector who possessed outstanding expertise in the food and agricultural sciences as well as comprehensive knowledge of the 1890 university system.

Of the $8,607,590 available for project grants, $4,362,133 were awarded to support 26 teaching projects and $4,245,457 were awarded to support 16 research projects. This year awards were made to 16 of the 17 1890 land-grant institutions and Tuskegee University. Targeted need areas for teaching projects included curricula design and materials development, faculty preparation and enhancement, instruction delivery systems, student experiential learning, scientific instrumentation for teaching, and student recruitment and retention within the fields of agriculture, natural resources, forestry, veterinary medicine, family and consumer sciences, and closely allied disciplines. Research areas included studies and experimentation in the food and agricultural sciences, establishment of centralized research support systems, and development of improved technology delivery systems for producers and consumers in the food and agricultural sciences network.

To ensure the highest quality of management in carrying out the Capacity Building Grants Program, a full-time National Program Leader within the Higher Education Programs office is assigned to manage the program. The incumbent works closely with the Executive Team of the USDA/1890 Task Force. Additionally, the National Program Leader is readily available to interact with representatives appointed by different USDA agencies to work with the 1890 Institutions and Tuskegee University in developing proposals and in carrying out funded projects. Grant applications in FY 2000 revealed that the 1890 institutions have made significant progress in strengthening proposal development and grantsmanship skills since the previous year. This is important as the Department of Agriculture endeavors to assist these institutions in becoming more competitive with all other colleges and universities for other sources of support. Five USDA agencies (see attached list) will serve as cooperators on the 42 funded projects.

The attached tables provide detailed information on FY 2000 awards.


ARS Agricultural Research Service

CSREES Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service

FS Forest Service

FNS Food and Nutrition Services

NRCS Natural Resources Conservation Service







2000-03658 Tuskegee University

--Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

(Gobena Huluka)

Enhancing Agricultural Experiential Teaching by Integrating Databases, Models and GIS NRCS

Maxine Barron

(304) 504-2215

2000-03840 University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff

--School of Agriculture, Fisheries and Human Sciences

(Linda L. Okiror)

Bridging the Gap - A Transitions and Academic Support Program CSREES/F4H

Virginia Gobeli

(202) 720-2297

2000-04172 University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff

--Department of Human Sciences

(Edith G. Neal)

Enriching Teaching and Learning through Faculty Enhancement and Recognition ARS

Margaret Bogle

(501) 954-8882


Jan Singleton

(202) 401-1954

2000-03709 Delaware State University

--Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources

(Michael A. Reiter)

Service-Based Field Experience in Resource Management at Trap Pond State Park NRCS

Lester E. Stillson

(302) 678-4162

2000-03842 Delaware State University

--Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources

(Michael J. Maciarello)

Teaching Applications Development for Agriculture and Natural Resources ARS

William C. Damert

(215) 233-6616

2000-03797 Florida A&M University

--Division of Agricultural Sciences

(Samual E. Hand)

Enhancing Urban Forestry/Arboriculture and Landscape Design Curricula Through Use of Advanced Technologies ARS

Vangimalla R. Reddy

(301) 504-5806

2000-03846 Florida A&M University

--Environmental Sciences Institute

(Michael D. Abazinge)

Strengthening the Graduate Environmental Sciences Program FS

Peter J. Roussopoulos

(828) 257) 4300

2000-03691 Kentucky State University --Cooperative Extension Program Facility

(Robert M. Durborow)

Course and Curriculum Development in Aquaculture at Kentucky State University CSREES/PAS

Gary Jensen

(202) 401-6802

2000-03831 Southern University

--Human Nutrition and Food Program

(Bernestine B. McGee)

Development of a Student Managed Mobile Nutrition Intervention Unit FNS

Winifred N. McQueen

(703) 305-2596

2000-03687 University of Maryland - Eastern Shore

--Department of Human Ecology

(Missale Kumelachew)

Enhancement of Nutrition Instruction and Experiential Learning Opportunities ARS

Ellen Harris

(301) 504-0610

2000-03688 University of Maryland - Eastern Shore

--Department of Agriculture

(Ejigou Demissie)

Addressing the Need for Minority Agribusiness Personnel in the Food and Agricultural Sciences NRCS

Sarah R. Marshall

(301) 504-2215

2000-03746 Lincoln University --Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources

(Marjorie G. Campbell)

Enhancement of Agricultural Education for Minority Females Based on Research and Experiential Experiences FS

Felix Ponder, Jr.

(573) 681-5575

2000-03699 Lincoln University --Department of Animal Science

(Jennifer Penrod)

Enhancing Molecular and Biotechnology in Current Animal Science and Biology Courses ARS

Robert L. Matteri

(573) 882-1047

2000-03657 Lincoln University --Cooperative Extension and Research

(Emmanuel L.S. Ajuzie)

Enhancing Teaching through Computer Literacy Program for Information Providers and Small Farmers CSREES/PAS

Denis Ebodaghe

(202) 401-4385

2000-03674 Alcorn State University --Department of Agriculture

(Patrick Igbokwe)

Enhancing Ethnic Diversity and Experiential Learning in Soil and Plant Science ARS

J. R. Williford

(662) 686-5352


Clifton E. Peters

(601) 877-3849

2000-03669 Alcorn State University --Department of Agriculture

(Carey L. Ford)

Closing the Technological Gap: A Faculty Preparation and Enrichment Model for Agriculture FS

Al Hall

(202) 205-0601

2000-03667 Alcorn State University --Alcorn Cooperative Extension Program (Bruce W. McGowan) Enhancing Food and Agricultural Sciences Curricula via the World Wide Web ARS

Peggy J. Blake

(301) 504-6780

2000-03700 North Carolina A&T State University

--Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Design (Muchha R. Reddy)

Natural Resources Curriculum to Strengthen Academic Program and Career Choices FS

Al Hall

(202) 205-0601

Jane L. Ford

(256) 851-5417

James C. Brown

(336) 334-7709

2000-03808 North Carolina A&T State University

--Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Design (Kanglin Li)

Using Spatial Statistics to Teach GIS/GPS and Enhance Problem-Solving Skills ARS

Jerry C. Ritchie

(301) 504-7490


Al Hall

(202) 205-0601

2000-03787 Langston University --Department of Agriculture

(George Acquaah)

Enhancing Biotechnology Instructional Programs ARS

Joseph W. Saunders

(517) 355-9280

2000-03849 South Carolina State University --Department of Family and Consumer Sciences (Ethel Grant Jones) FCS-REACHES (Family and Consumer Sciences-Recruiters Educating and Challenging Highly Engaged Scholars) CSREES/F4H

Gladys Gary Vaughn

(202) 720-2864

2000-03656 Tennessee State University

--Department of Hospitality and Tourism Administration

(Wayne C. Guyette)

Internet-Based Education, Training, and Certification in School Food Services and Nutrition FNS

Winifred N. McQueen

(703) 305-2596

2000-03823 Tennessee State University

--Cooperative Agricultural Research Program

(Stephen H. Kolison, Jr.)

Tuning Up Agricultural Instruction and Research: GIS Education for Agriculture Faculty, Researchers, and Students at Tennessee State University FS

Rodney L. Busby

(504) 589-6652

2000-03802 Prairie View A&M University

--College of Agriculture and Human Sciences

(Bobby Mixon)

Technology Enhancement for Instructional Delivery in Ag Econ ARS

Peggy J. Blake

(301) 504-6780

2000-03741 Virginia State University --Department of Agriculture

(C. M. Gilliam)

Development of an Agricultural Biotechnology Training Program ARS

Perry B. Cregan

(301) 504-5070

2000-03791 Virginia State University --Department of Agriculture

(Michael Joshua)

Agriscience Introduction to High Schools in Virginia: Student Experiential Learning ARS

Larry Sikora

(301) 501-9381


2000-03782 Tuskegee University

--Agricultural Sciences

(Guohao He)

Development of Microsatellite DNA Markers for Cultivated Peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) ARS

Roy N. Pittman

(770) 229-3252

2000-03670 Florida A&M University

--Center for Viticultural Sciences

(Jiang Lu)

Developing Seedless Grape Cultivars by Genetic Engineering ARS

David Ramming

(559) 453-3061

2000-03822 Florida A&M University

--Center for Biological Control

(Charles W. O'Brien)

Systematics of Selected West Indian Citrus Weevils in Aid of Biological Control ARS

Stephen L. Lapointe

(561) 462-5914

2000-03827 Fort Valley State University

--Agricultural Research Station

(Kannan Govidarajan)

Development of Value-Added Products Using Chevon ARS

Bradford W. Berry

(301)5 04-8994

2000-03814 Fort Valley State University

--College of Agriculture, Home Economics, and Allied Programs

(Anand Krishna Yadav)

Application of Genetic Engineering Approach to Enhance Cold Hardiness of Guava ARS

Raymond Schnell

(305) 254-3611


2000-03705 Fort Valley State University

--Agricultural Engineering Technology

(Yubin Lan)

Reduction of E. coli 0157:H7 on Goat Meat Surfaces Utilizing Electricity ARS

Robert Windham

(706) 546-3513

2000-03987 Kentucky State University

--Atwood Research Facility

(Kirk W. Pomper)

Clonal Propagation and Preservation of Pawpaw Germplasm ARS

Kim E. Hummer

(541) 750-8712

Edward J. Garvey

(301) 504-7511

Bruce W. Wood

(912) 956-6421

2000-03689 University of Maryland - Eastern Shore

--Department of Agriculture

(Robert B. Dadson)

Characterizing Cowpea Genotypes for Drought Tolerance in the Delmarva Ecosystem ARS

Yao-Chi Lu

(301) 504-5821

Thomas Devine

(301) 504-6375

Peter van Berkum

(301) 504-7280


2000-03679 University of Maryland - Eastern Shore

--Department of Agriculture

(Robert B. Dadson)

Controlling Ineffective Bradyrhizobium with Phages to Enhance Nitrogen Fixation in Soybean ARS

Peter van Berkum

(301) 504-7280

Thomas Devine

(301) 504-6375


2000-03698 North Carolina A&T State University

--Department of Human Environment and Family Sciences

(Chung W. Seo)

Granular Activated Carbon made from North Carolina Agricultural By-Products ARS

Wayne E. Marshall

(504) 286-4356

2000-03807 North Carolina A&T State University

--Department of Human Environment and Family Sciences

(Rosa S. Purcell)

A Fiber-Optic Biosensor for Rapid Detection of Pathogens in Poultry Products ARS

Peter L. Irwin

(215) 233-6420

2000-03833 Langston University

--E (Kika) de la Garza Institute for Goat Research

(Tilahun Sahlu)

Energy for the Productive Caprine ARS

Harvey C. Freetly

D. Laster

(405) 762-4202


2000-03754 Langston University

--Department of Human Ecology

(Saigeetha Sangiah)

Prevalence and Factors Influencing Childhood Obesity in African Americans and Native Americans of Oklahoma ARS

Ellen Harris

(301) 504-0610


Winifred N. McQueen

(703) 305-2596

2000-03832 Langston University

--E (Kika) de la Garza Institute for Goat Research

(Arthur L. Goetsch)

Diet Selection and Performance by Sheep and Goats Grazing Mixed Pastures ARS

Glen E. Aiken

(405) 762-4208

2000-03811 Tennessee State University

--Nursery Crop Research Station

(Nick J. Gawel)

Establishment of an Incubator for Applied Woody Ornamental Research ARS

John Hammond

(301) 504-5313

2000-03753 Prairie View A&M University

--Cooperative Agricultural Research Center

(Gary Newton)

Cellular Basis for Pregnancy Recognition ARS

Harry J. Mersmann

(713) 798-7128




Alabama Alabama A&M University -0- -0- -0-

Tuskegee University $180,000 $200,000 $380,000

Arkansas University of Arkansas-PB $355,240 -0- $355,240

Delaware Delaware State University $366,305 -0- $366,305

Florida Florida A&M University $295,413 $564,587 $860,000

Georgia Fort Valley State University -0- $828,320 $828,320

Kentucky Kentucky State University $173,538 $269,849 $443,387

Louisiana Southern University $179,998 -0- $179,998

Maryland University of Maryland-ES $292,644 $567,356 $860,000

Mississippi Alcorn State University $527,407 -0- $527,407

Missouri Lincoln University $519,337 -0- $519,337

North Carolina North Carolina A&T State Univ. $320,142 $539,858 $860,000

Oklahoma Langston University $111,471 $748,501 $859,972

South Carolina South Carolina State University $180,000 -0- $180,000

Tennessee Tennessee State University $360,000 $257,261 $617,261

Texas Prairie View A&M University $180,000 $269,725 $449,725

Virginia Virginia State University $320,638 -0- $320,638

TOTALS $4,362,133 $4,245,457 $8,607,590

NOTE: Institutional Maximum is $860,000 and no institution may receive more than four grants