FAEIS-EP116826  Capacity Grants - 1996 Program Summary

                               ANNUAL SUMMARY

                                  FY 1996

                         Higher Education Programs
                 Science and Education Resources Development
                    Cooperative State Research, Education,
                           and Extension Service
                      U.S. Department of Agriculture

                                 AUGUST 1996



Overview of Program

The 1890 Institution Teaching and Research Capacity Building Grants Program
was launched in FY 1990 to achieve three major goals:  to strengthen
linkages among the 1890 institutions, other colleges and universities, the
U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), and private industry; to advance
cultural diversity of the food and agricultural scientific and professional
work force by attracting and educating more minority students; and to
enhance the quality of teaching and research programs at the 1890
institutions to more readily establish them as full partners in the U.S.
food and agricultural sciences higher education system.  It is designed to
be a high impact program and is unique in that it is the only Federal
initiative targeted specifically towards strengthening the quality of
programs in the food and agricultural sciences at the historically black
land-grant institutions.

The 1890 land-grant institutions and Tuskegee University are uniquely
qualified to contribute to the cultural diversity of the food and
agricultural scientific and professional work force.  Founded to provide
mainstream educational opportunities in many disciplines to the black
community while promoting respect for cultural diversity, these colleges
and universities today enroll and educate not only African-American
students, but Asian, Hispanic, and other American and international
students.   Similarly, their faculty represent a diverse array of ethnic
and cultural backgrounds.

Now in its seventh year, the Capacity Building Grants Program has achieved
notable success.   It is attributed priority status by the USDA/1890 Task
Force appointed by the Secretary of Agriculture.

The Capacity Building Grants Program is administered by the Higher
Education Programs office in the Science and Education Resources
Development division of the Cooperative State Research, Education and
Extension Service.  This program is competitive in nature and provides
support to the 1890 Institutions and Tuskegee University for teaching and
research projects in targeted high-priority areas.  It encourages matching
support from non-Federal sources and also requires cooperation with one or
more USDA agencies in developing a proposal and carrying out a project,
thereby strengthening departmental partnerships and linkages with these
important minority institutions.

The projects funded during the first six years of the program are well
underway at all of the recipient institutions.  Research projects are
focusing on such areas as biotechnology, nutrition, aquaculture, plant
science, and animal science.  Teaching projects are addressing innovative
student recruitment, educational delivery systems, and curricula
enhancement strategies in such areas as agribusiness management and
marketing, regulatory sciences, plant and soil sciences, and veterinary

FY 1996 Program
In FY 1996, $9,207,000 were appropriated for the seventh year of the
program.  Of the $9,207,000 available, $4,457,524 were allocated to support
26 teaching projects and $4,365,434 million were allocated to support 18
research projects.  Targeted need areas for teaching projects included
curricula design and materials development, faculty preparation and
enhancement, instruction delivery systems, student experiential learning,
instrumentation for teaching, and student recruitment and retention within
the fields of agriculture, natural resources, forestry, veterinary
medicine, home economics, and closely allied disciplines.  Research areas
included studies and experimentation in the food and agricultural sciences,
establishment of centralized research support systems, and development of
improved technology delivery systems for producers and consumers in the
food and agricultural sciences network.

One hundred and eighty-two proposals were received in FY 1996 representing
a total funding request of $50 million.  These included 117 research
proposals and 65 teaching proposals.  Grant applications were reviewed by a
peer review panel comprised of 43 Federal Government officials who
possessed outstanding expertise in the food and agricultural sciences as
well as comprehensive knowledge of the 1890 university system.  

To ensure the highest quality of management in carrying out the Capacity
Building Grants Program, a full-time National Program Leader within the
Higher Education Programs office is assigned to manage the program.  The
incumbent serves as liaison to the Executive Team of the USDA/1890 Task
Force.  Additionally, the National Program Leader is in constant contact
with  representatives appointed by different USDA agencies to work with the
1890 Institutions and Tuskegee University in developing proposals and in
carrying out funded projects.   Grant applications in FY 1996 revealed that
the 1890 institutions have made significant progress in strengthening
proposal development and grantsmanship skills since the previous year.  
This is important as the Department of Agriculture endeavors to assist
these institutions in becoming more competitive with all other colleges and
universities for other sources of support.  Thirteen USDA agencies will
serve as project cooperators on the 44 funded projects.  
The four tables on the following pages provide detailed information on FY
1996 Capacity Grants.

Proposal  University & Lead        USDA Agency                     Funds
Number    Project Director         Collaborator                    Awarded
9602763   Florida A&M University   Cooperative State Research,   $  225,000
          (Michael D. Hubbard)     Education, and Extension 

9603198   U. of Ark.-Pine Bluff    Agricultural Research         $  186,378
          (Carole R. Engle)        Service   

9602727   Tuskegee University      Animal & Plant Health         $  192,060
          (Tsegaye Habtemariam)    Inspection Service  

9602785   North Carolina A&T       Food and Consumer Services    $  202,480
          State University         Cooperative State Research
          (Carolyn S. Turner)      Education, & Extension Service

9602679   Florida A&M University   National Agricultural         $  202,500
          (Zacch I. Olorunnipa)    Statistics Service  
9602681   U. of MD-Eastern Shore   Foreign Agricultural          $  202,275
          (Sarah  Acquah)          Service   

9602803   U. of MD-Eastern Shore   Agricultural Research         $  199,696
          (Carolyn B. Brooks)      Service   

9602707   Tuskegee University      Animal & Plant Health         $  200,619
          (Saul T. Wilson)         Inspection Service  

9602704   Alabama A&M Univ.        Economic Research Service     $  202,479
          (Gerald C.  Wheelock)    Cooperative State Research, 
                                   Education, and Extension Service

9602676   Kentucky State Univ.     Agricultural Research Service $  202,500
          (Sheron L. Randolph)  

9602769   Alcorn State Univ.       Natural Resources             $  163,870
          (Patrick E. Igbokwe)     Conservation Service     

9602710   Alabama A&M University   Cooperative State Research,   $   88,470
          (Bernice Richardson)     Education, & Extension Service     
9602748   Alabama A&M  University  Agricultural Research Service $   92,081
          (Tommy L. Coleman)

9602902    Tennessee State Univ.   Economic Research Service     $  201,041
           (Surendra P. Singh)

9602737    Tuskegee University     Agricultural Research Service $  123,275
           (Edward J. Smith)

9602741    Tuskegee University     Cooperative State Research,   $  123,274
           (Audrey A. Trotman)     Education, & Extension Service

9602962    South Carolina St. U.   Cooperative State Research,   $  202,500
           (Lillie B. Glover)      Education, & Extension Service

9602782    North Carolina A&T      Agricultural Research Service $  191,250
           State University
           (Manuel R. Reyes)  

9602809    South Carolina St. U.   Farm Service Agency           $  190,899
           (Lucy J. Reuben)   

9602801    Delaware State Univ.    Food and Consumer Services    $  191,168
           (Maggie Clausell)  

9602836    North Carolina A&T      Natural Resources             $  189,873
           State University        Conservation Service
           (Perry Howard)      

9602800    Langston University     Food and Consumer Services    $  189,612
           (Saigeetha Sangiah)     

9602696    Tennessee State Univ.   Agricultural Research Service $   89,172
           (Nick J. Gawel)    

9602680    U. of MD-Eastern Shore  Farm Service Agency           $  109,579
           (Karen Munden)          Rural Development

9602736    Delaware State Univ.    Agricultural Research Service $  190,708
           (Michael J. Maciarello) Policy Analysis and 
                                   Coordination Center

9602964    Virginia State Univ.    Agricultural Research Service $  104,765 
          (Shobha Sriharan)                                             
                                                   Total        $4,457,524  


Proposal  University & Lead        USDA Agency                     Funds
Number    Project Director         Collaborator                    Awarded
9602768   Kentucky State Univ.     Agricutural Research Service  $  349,793
          (Changzneng Wang)       

9602658   Alabama A&M University   Agricultural Research Service $  251,987
          (Hortense W. Dodo)       

9602746   Fort Valley State Univ.  Agricultural Research Service $  261,099
          (Ajmer S. Bhagsari) 

9602789   Delaware State Univ.     Cooperative State Research,   $  314,564
          (William H. Daniels)     Education, & Extension Service

9602662   Kentucky State Univ.     Cooperative State Research,   $  314,097
          (Steven D. Mims)         Education, & Extension Service

9602665   U.of Ark. - Pine Bluff   Agricultural Research Service $  192,669
          (Carole R. Engle)

9602672   U. of MD-Eastern Shore   Agricultural Research Service $  260,876
          (Mervalin A. Morant)     

9602687   Southern University      U.S. Forest Service           $  130,531
          and A&M College
          (Kamran Abdollahi)  

9602817   Florida A&M University   Agricultural Research Service $  289,600
          (Sheikh M. Basha)   

9602827   Florida A&M University   Agricultural Research Service $  162,900
          (Jianchi Chen) 

9602713   Alabama A&M University   Natural Resources             $  244,983
          (Chandra K. Reddy)    Conservation Service 
                                   Agricultural Research Service

9602752   Langston University      Agricultural Research Service $  272,087
          (Rryszard Puchala)  

9602787   Virginia State Univ.     Agricultural Research Service $  284,317
          (Ali I. Mohamed)    

9602660   North Carolina A&T       Agricultural Research Service $  268,911
          State University         Natural Resources   
          (Muchha B. Reddy)        Conservation Service

9602677   Southern University      U.S. Forest Service           $  148,962
          and A&M College
          (Zhu Hua Ning) 

9602709   Tuskegee University      Agricultural Research Service $  240,772
          (Channapatna S. Prakash) 

9602831   Alcorn State Univ.      Animal and Plant Health        $  269,712
          (Alton B. Johnson)      Inspection Service 
                                  Natural Resources Conservation  

9602835   U. of MD-Eastern Shore  Agricultural Research Service  $  107,574 
          (Jagmohan Joshi)       
                                              Total              $4,365,434 


                           TEACHING PROJECTS

Institution      Project      Project                             Funds
& Department     Directors    Title                               Awarded

Florida A&M U.   Michael D.   Development of Satellite           $  225,000 
Div. of Agric.   Hubbard      Uplink Facility for Distance 

U. of Arkansas   Carole R.    Implementing a Master of Science  $  186,378
- Pine Bluff     Engle        Degree Program in Aquaculture
School of Ag. & 
Home Economics 

Tuskegee Univ.   Tsegaye      The Internet:  A Strategic        $  192,060
School of Vet.   Habtemariam  Technology for Advancing 
Medicine                      Veterinary Medical Education

North Carolina   Carolyn S,   Internship Success:  Student      $  202,480
A&T St. Univ.    Turner,      Professional Development
Dept. of Human   Aubrey F.    And Career Placement
Environment &    Mendoca,
Family Science Jane T.

Florida A&M U.   Zacch I.     Information Superhighway for      $  202,500
Div. of Agric.   Olorunnipa,  Enhancing Agricultural Sciences:
                 Marion G.    A Fiber Optic Multimedia Approach

U. of Maryland-  Sarah        Developing Student and faculty    $  202,275
Eastern Shore    Acquah,      Competence in Global Agricultural 
Dept. of Agric.  Emmanuel     Competitiveness
                 T. Acquah
U. of Maryland-  Carolyn B.   Minority Feeder Graduate Program  $  199,696
Eastern Shore    Brooks,      That Also Enhances HBCUs in
Dept. of Agric.  Mervalin     Instruction and Research

Tuskegee Univ.   Saul T.      Graduate Teaching Related to      $  200,619
School of Vet.   Wilson,      International Food and Animal
Medicine         Pochana G.   Health and Safety
Dept. of         Reddy, Henry
Microbiology   J. Findlay          

Alabama A&M U.   Gerald C.    Enhancing Agricultural Science    $  202,479
Dept. of         Wheelock,    Instruction Through Information
Agribusiness     Odili        Technologies
                 Willie J.

Kentucky St. U.  Sheron L.    Enhancing Awareness Levels of     $  202,500
Community Res.   Randolph     Agricultural Career Opportunities
Service                       Among High School Guidance 
                              Counselors and Students 

Alcorn State U.  Patrick E.   Increasing Student Enrollment     $  163,870
Dept. of Agric.  Igbokwe,     and Graduation Rate in Soil and
                 Suresh C.    Plant Science at Alcorn State
                 Tiwari,      University
                 O.P. Vadhwa       

Alabama A&M U.   Bernice      Family and Consumer Sciences'     $   88,470
Div. of Family   Richardson,  Ambassadors:  A Recruitment and
& Cons. Sci.     Dorothy      Retention Initiative

Alabama A&M U.   Tommy L.     Establishment of a Visualization  $   92,081
Dept. of Plant   Coleman,     Laboratory to Enhance Instruction
& Soil Sci.      Andrew Manu, in the Food and Agricultural 
                 Ahmed Fahsi, Sciences

Tennessee St U   Surendra     Strengthening Graduate            $  201,041
Dept. of Agric.  P. Singh     Agribusiness Education for the 
                              21st Century Sciences
Tuskegee Univ.   Edward J.    A Biotechnology Experiential      $  123,275
School of Ag.    Smith,       Lea rning Program in 
& Home Econ.     Julian       Agriculture
                 D. Pace

Tuskegee Univ.   Audrey A.    1890 Mobile Environmental        $  123,274
School of Ag.    Trotman      Science Classroom Program
& Home Econ.     P. K. Biswas

South Carolina   Lillie B.    Project Venture: Increasing the   $  202,500
State Univ.       Glover      Pool of Family and Consumer
Dept. of Family               Sciences Educators
& Consumer Sci.     

North Carolina   Manuel R.    Strengthening A&T's               $  191,250 
A&T St. Univ.    Reyes,       Instructional Capabilities
Dept. of Nat.    Peggy A.     in Erosion and Water
Res. & Envir.    Fersner,     Quality Modeling
Design           Godfrey A.
                 Richard L.,

South Carolina   Lucy J.      Introduction to Agribusiness:     $  190,899
State Univ.      Reuben,      Innovations in Student
School of Bus.   Charles M.   Recruitment and Course Design
                 Bijoy K. 

Delaware State   Maggie       Developing a Consumer Sciences    $  191,168
University       Clausell     Curriculum at Delaware State
Dept. of Family               University
& Consumer Sci.

North Carolina   Perry        Incorporating Digital Media       $  189,873
A&T State Univ.  Howard,      into the Landscape Architecture
Landscape &      John F.      Curriculum
Architecture     Robinson,    
Program          Sue Anne     

Langston Univ.   Saigeetha    Enhancing the Existing            $  189,612
Dept. of Human   Sangiah,     Curriculum and Increasing Student
Ecology          Brenda L.    Participation in the Dietetic 
                 McCoy        Internship/Graduate Program

Tennessee        Nick J       Improvement of Computer           $   89,172
State Univ.      Gawel        Facilities and Training for
Dept. of Ag.                  Students and Faculty

U.of Maryland    Karen        Building Bridges in Food and       $ 109,579
-Eastern Shore   Munden,      Agricultural Sciences:  A 
School of Ag.    Shirley      Plan to Recruit and Retain 
Sciences         Hymon-       Students in the Field
                 Parker, Mark

Delaware St. U.  Michael J.   Information Systems for             $ 190,708
Dept. of Agric.  Maciarello   Instruction in the Agricultural
& Natural Res.                Sciences

Virginia St. U.  Shobha       Curriculum Design and Student       $ 104,765
Dept. of Agric.  Sriharan,    Experiential Learning in
                 Michael S.   Environmental Science
                 Conrad M. 


                          RESEARCH PROJECTS

Institution      Project        Project                            Funds
& Department     Investigator   Title                              Awarded
Kentucky St. U.  Changzneng     Effects of Dieting with Exercise $  349,793
Community Res.   Wang           on Calcium Metabolism and Bone
Service                         Structure
(Human Nutrition 
Research Program)        
Alabama A&M U.   Hortense       Molecular Characterization and   $  251,987
Dept. of Food    W. Dodo        Down Regulation of the Peanut
Science & Animal                Allergen ArahI

Fort Valley      Ajmer  S.      Increasing Starch Content of     $  261,099
State Univ.      Bhagsari       Sweetpotato Storage Roots by 
Dept. of Plant                  Genetic Engineering
& Soil Science

Delaware St. U.  William H.     Development of Year-Round        $  314,564
Dept. of  Ag.    Daniels,       Spawning and Juvenile Production
& Natural  Res.  Bernard R.     of White River Crayfish
Kentucky St. U.  Steven D.      The Production of All-Female     $  314,097
Aquaculture      Mims           Chondrosteans for "Caviar"
Research Center                 Fish Farming

U. of Arkansas   Carole R.      Improving Pond Management        $  192,669
- Pine Bluff     Engle          Systems for Production of 
School of Ag.                   Channel Catfish
& Home Econ.
Fisheries Ctr
U. of Maryland   Mervalin A.    Graduate Research Enhancement    $  260,876
- Eastern Shore  Morant,        in Biocontrol and Nutrient
Dept. of Agric.  Carolyn B.     Management for a Safe
                 Brooks         Ecosystem
Southern Univ.   Kamran         Quantifying NO2 Removal Capacity $  130,531
and A&M College  Abdollahi,     of Selected Tree Species
College of Ag.   Zhu Hua  
& Home Econ.     Ning,
(Urban Forestry  Jian Sun
Research Prgm) 

Florida A&M U.   Sheikh M.      Role of Water-stress Induced     $  289,600
Div. of Ag.      Basha,         Genes in Drought and Aflatoxin
Sciences         Aruna Myneni,  Resistance in Peanut
(Plant Biotech.  Jiang Lu

Florida A&M U.   Jianchi        Isolation, Application and       $  162,900
Center for       Chen,          Characterization of Specific DNA
Viticultural     Olusola        Sequences from Grape Pierce's
Science          Lamikanra      Disease Bacterium 

Alabama A&M U.   Chandra K.     Experimenting and Modeling       $  244,983
& Soil Sci.      Karamat        Sustainable Cotton Production
                 Sistani,       Systems
                 Udai Bishnoi 

Langston Univ.   Ryszard        Betaine and Choline Supplement   $  272,087
E. (Kika) de     Puchala,       to Enhance Mohair and Milk
la Garza Inst.   Tilahun        Production
for Goat Res.    Sahlu,
                 Sam W. 

Virginia St. U.  Ali I.         Improvement of Quality and       $  284,317
Ag. Research     Mohamed,       Quantity of Naturally Epoxidized
Station          Tadesse        Oil from Veronia galamensis
                 Mark E. 
North Carolina   Muchha B.      Poultry Manure Management in    $  268,911
A&T State Univ.  Reddy,         Cropland for Sustainable 
Dept. of Nat.    Kanglin Li,    Agroecosystems and Environment
Resources &      McKinley
Envir. Design  DeShield

Southern Univ.   Zhu Hua Ning,  Assessing CO2 Sequestration     $  148,962
And A&M College  Kamran         Capacity of Urban Trees in 
Dept. of Agric.  Abdollahi,     Response to Elevated
and Home Econ.   Jian Sun       Atmospheric CO2
(Urban Forestry 
Research Prgrm)     

Tuskegee Univ.   C. Prakash,    Development of Transgenic       $  240,772
School Ag.       Omar           Plants Producing Edible Vaccine
& Home Econ.     Abdelmagid,    Against Rabies Virus
                 John Hammond

Alcorn St. U.    Alton B.      Assessment of Pesticide Fate     $  269,712
School of Ag.    Johnson,      in the Mississippi Delta
                 H. Don        and Feed Grain Region
                 Ronald D. 

U. of Maryland   Jagmohan      Developing Alternate Sustainable $  107,574 
- Eastern Shore  Joshi         Technology for Controlling Corn
Dept. of Ag.                   Earworm Damage in Soybean    
HEP CFD Code:  10.216

Source:  Higher Education Programs / Cooperative State Research, Education
         Extension Service / Science and Education Resources Development / 
         U.S. Department of Agriculture