FY 1999

Higher Education Programs

Science and Education Resources Development

Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service

U.S. Department of Agriculture

September 1999


Overview of Program

The 1890 Institution Teaching and Research Capacity Building Grants Program was launched in FY 1990 to achieve three major goals: (1) to strengthen linkages among the 1890 institutions, other colleges and universities, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), and private industry; (2) to advance cultural diversity of the food and agricultural scientific and professional work force by attracting and educating more students from underrepresented groups; and (3) to enhance the quality of teaching and research programs at the 1890 institutions to more readily establish them as full partners in the U.S. food and agricultural sciences higher education system. It is designed to be a high impact program and is unique in that it is the only Federal initiative targeted specifically towards strengthening the quality of programs in the food and agricultural sciences at the historically black land-grant institutions.

The 1890 land-grant institutions and Tuskegee University are uniquely qualified to contribute to the cultural diversity of the food and agricultural scientific and professional work force. Founded to provide mainstream educational opportunities in many disciplines to the black community while promoting respect for cultural diversity, these colleges and universities today enroll and educate not only African-American students, but Asian, Hispanic, and other American and international students. Similarly, their faculty represent a diverse array of ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

Now in its tenth year, the Capacity Building Grants Program has achieved notable success and is attributed priority status by the USDA/1890 Task Force appointed by the Secretary of Agriculture. Since 1990, the Program has awarded almost $86 million ($86,329,855) to the 1890 Institutions and Tuskegee University in support of 429 projects -- $41,656,373 for 242 teaching projects and $44,673,482 for 187 research projects.
The Capacity Building Grants Program is administered by the Higher Education Programs office in the Science and Education Resources Development division of the Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service. This program is competitive in nature and provides support to the 1890 Institutions and Tuskegee University for teaching and research projects in targeted high-priority areas. It encourages matching support from non-Federal sources and also requires cooperation with one or more USDA agency(ies) in developing a proposal and carrying out a project, thereby strengthening departmental partnerships and linkages with these important minority institutions.

The projects funded during the first nine years of the program are well underway at all of the recipient institutions. Research projects are focusing on such areas as biotechnology, human nutrition, aquaculture, plant science, and animal science. Teaching projects are addressing innovative student recruitment, educational delivery systems, and curricula enhancement strategies in such areas as agribusiness management and marketing, regulatory sciences, plant and soil sciences, and veterinary science.

FY 1999 Program

In FY 1999, $9,200,000 were appropriated for this program. One hundred and eighty two (182) proposals were received in FY 1999 representing a total funding request of approximately $42 million. These included 110 research proposals and 72 teaching proposals. Grant applications were reviewed by a peer review panel comprised of 49 experts representing university educators and research scientists, Federal Government professionals and individuals from the private sector who possessed outstanding expertise in the food and agricultural sciences as well as comprehensive knowledge of the 1890 university system.

Of the $8,622,161 available for project grants, $4,366,280 were awarded to support 25 teaching projects and $4,255,881 were awarded to support 18 research projects. This year awards were made to each of the 17 1890 land-grant institutions and Tuskegee University. Targeted need areas for teaching projects included curricula design and materials development, faculty preparation and enhancement, instruction delivery systems, student experiential learning, scientific instrumentation for teaching, and student recruitment and retention within the fields of agriculture, natural resources, forestry, veterinary medicine, family and consumer sciences, and closely allied disciplines. Research areas included studies and experimentation in the food and agricultural sciences, establishment of centralized research support systems, and development of improved technology delivery systems for producers and consumers in the food and agricultural sciences network.

To ensure the highest quality of management in carrying out the Capacity Building Grants Program, a full-time National Program Leader within the Higher Education Programs office is assigned to manage the program. The incumbent serves as a member of the Executive Team of the USDA/1890 Task Force. Additionally, the National Program Leader is readily available to interact with representatives appointed by different USDA agencies to work with the 1890 Institutions and Tuskegee University in developing proposals and in carrying out funded projects. Grant applications in FY 1999 revealed that the 1890 institutions have made significant progress in strengthening proposal development and grantsmanship skills since the previous year. This is important as the Department of Agriculture endeavors to assist these institutions in becoming more competitive with all other colleges and universities for other sources of support. Seven USDA agencies (see attached list) will serve as cooperators on the 43 funded projects.

The attached tables provide detailed information on FY 1999 awards.


APHIS Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
ARS Agricultural Research Service
CSREES Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service
ERS Economic Research Service
FS Forest Service
NRCS Natural Resources Conservation Service
RD Rural Development







9904081 Alabama A&M University

--Department of Plant and Soil Science

( Udai R. Bishnoi)

To Strengthen Graduate Curricula in Seed Science


Loren Wiesner


9904037 Alabama A&M University

--Department of Family and Consumer Sciences

(Bernice Richardson)

Recruitment and Retention in the New Millennium: Family and Consumer Sciences Faculty and Students Fostering a Vision of change


Gladys Vaughn


9904052 Alcorn State University

--Department of Agriculture

(Wesley Lloyd Whittaker)

Enhancing Existing Agricultural Economics Curriculum and Increasing Student Experiential Learning in Rural Poverty and Area Development


Eloise Thomas


9904189 Alcorn State University

--Department of Agriculture

(Samuel Scott)

Development of Off-Campus Distance Learning, Educational and Outreach Sites for Small Farmers


Dennis Ebodaghe

(202) 401-4385


9904019 Delaware State University

--Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources

(Richard A. Barczewski)

Recruitment and Retention of Students Within the Animal and Poultry Sciences.


Gary Richards


John Cherry


9904051 Florida A&M University

--College of Engineering Sciences, Technology, and Agriculture

(Verian T. Lamikanra)

Cultivating Research Scholars in Food and Agricultural Sciences


Morse B. Solomon


9904196 Fort Valley State University

--Department of Agricultural Instruction

(Curtis Borne)

Phase II of Agriscience and Technology Teaching Laboratory


Peggy Blake


9904045 Kentucky State University

--Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences

(Mark David Garrison)

Creating and Utilizing a Comprehensive USDA Science Intranet at KSU and FIS


Anna Mae Kobbe




Langston University

--Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources

(George Acquah)

Enhancing Food and Agricultural Curricula through Geospatial Information Technology


Joseph Saunders


9904020 Lincoln University

--Department of Agriculture

(Frieda E. Ivaza)

Using Computer Technology to Enhance Agriculture Curriculum APHIS

Russel Reidinger


9904025 North Carolina A&T State University

--Human Environment and Family Sciences

(Geraldine H. Ray)

Strategies to Increase the Pool of Minority Teachers


Gladys Vaughn


9904034 North Carolina A&T State University

--Department of Natural Resources

(A. Shahbazi)

Development and Delivery of Four Web-based Courses


Terry Meisenbach


9904043 N.C. A&T State University

--Department of Animal Sciences

(John W. Allen)

Enhancement of the Laboratory Animal Science Program


James C. Brown


9904047 North Carolina A&T State University

--Dept. Of Ag Ed Econ & Rural Soc.

(Anthony Yeboah)

Enhancing the Information Technology Capabilities of the School of Agriculture


Frank Clearfield


9904046 Prairie View A&M University

--Cooperative Agricultural Research Center

(Alfred Parks)

Advanced Networks: Advancing Agriculture Science via the Information Superhighway: Phase II.


Peggy J. Blake



9904057 South Carolina State University

--Office of Sponsored Programs

(Elbert R. Malone)

Educational Outreach Activities in Food Science Systems


Bernie Wright


9904074 South Carolina State University

--Department of Agricultural Sciences

(Ambrose O. Anoro)

Experiential Learning of Agricultural Science for Undergraduates FS

John I. Blake


9904059 Southern University and A&M College

--Department of Food and Fiber Sciences

(Grace N. Wasike)

Enhancing Teaching and Recruitment in Food and Fiber Sciences through Computer Technology


William Bailey


9904023 Southern University and A&M


--Department of Plant and Soil Sciences

(Kit L. Chin)

Plant and Soil Science Summer Institute - A Tool for Recruitment


Korona Prince



9904032 Tennessee State University

--Department of Agricultural Sciences

(Surendra P. Singh)

A Model University - Government - Industry Partnership to Improve Agribusiness Education


John Dunmore

(202) 694-5204

9904021 Tuskegee University

--College of Agricultural, Environmental, and Natural Sciences

(Walter A. Hill)

Streaks of Genius: An Innovative Community - Based Recruitment & Retention Program


Maxine Barron



9904076 Tuskegee University

--School of Veterinary Medicine

(Tsegaye Habtemariam)

Center for Teaching Risk Analysis and Modeling Using the WWW and Distance Education


Richard Fite


9904056 University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff

--Dept. Of Agriculture/Regulatory Science

(John Meister)

Agricultural Experiential Waste Management and Regulatory Compliance Program NRCS

Kalvin Trice



9904070 University of Maryland

Eastern shore

--Department of Human Ecology

(Anugrah Shaw)

Enhancing Instruction through Web - Assisted Courses


Terry Meisenbach

(202) 720-2677

9904082 Virginia State University

--Department of Agriculture

(Gollakota Jagannadham)

Applications of Geographic Information System in Science Curricula


James Everitt


9904115 Alabama A&M University

--Environmental Sciences/Management

(Karamat R. Sistani)

Environmental Impact of Land Applied animal Waste: Biogeochemistry and Using Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems


Denise Rowe


Donald Surrency


9904126 Alabama A&M University

--Department of Plant and Soil Science

(Allan Zipf)

A Novel Strategy to Dissect Fiber-Specific Genes Using Unique Cotton Mutants


Sukumar Saha


9904124 Alcorn State University

--Department of Agriculture

(Patrick Igbowke)

Shiitake Mushroom Production in Mississippi


W.R. Williford


Clifton Peters




Fort Valley State University

--Agricultural Research Station

(Anand Krishna Yadav)

Developing Biotechnological Approaches Towards Improving Peach Tree Longevity


Freddi Hammenschlag


9904180 Fort Valley State University

--Agricultural Research Program

(Eugene A. Amoah)

Genetic Manipulation of Goats through Biotechnology


Gary Evans



9904181 Fort Valley State University

--Agricultural Research Program

(Seyoum Gelaye)

Biological Control of Gastrointestinal Nematodes in Goats Using Nematode-Trapping Fungi


Charles Bacon


9904106 Kentucky State University

--Community Research Service

(George F. Antonious)

Insecticides from Wild Tomato: An alternative for Limited Resource Farmers


Alvin Simmons


Michael Kasperbauer



9904114 Langston University

--Food Science/Technology

(Steve Zeng)

Quality Characteristics and Yield Predictive Models of Goat Milk Cheeses


Diane Van Hekken


9904146 Langston University

--Animal Sciences

(Steven P. Hart)

Sustainable Dairy Goat Milk Production from Forages


Larry Satter


9904159 Langston University

--Garza Institute for Goat Research

(Ryszard Puchala)

Metabolic Changes Affecting Utilization of Poor Quality Diet by Goats ARS

Samuel Coleman


9904195 Southern University and A&M College

--College of Agricultural, Family and Consumer Sciences (Grace Wasike)

Improvement of Kenaf Yarn for Apparel Applications


Weiying Tao


9904136 South Carolina State University

--Agribusiness Management and Marketing

(S. Sureshwaran)

Characteristics and Consumer Preferences Affecting Marketing of Farm Raised Fish


Stephen Crutchfield


9904135 Tennessee State University

--Cooperative Agricultural Research Program

(Enefiok P. Ekanem)

Contributions of Agriculture and Manufacturing to

Rural Development in Southern States


Rodney Busby


D. McGranaham


9904166 Tuskegee University

--Department of Agricultural Sciences

(Guohao He)

High Resolution Mapping and Cloning of Disease Loci in Peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.)


Roy Pittman


9904191 Tennessee State University

--Cooperative Agricultural Research Program

(Richard Browning,Jr.)

Impact of Breed and Tall Fescue Type on Endocrine Traits in Cattle


James Porter


9904134 Tuskegee University

--Dept. Of Agricultural Science

(Chanapatna Prakash)

Development, Nutritional Evaluation and Biosafety Testing of "High - Protein Sweet Potato"


Marvin Scott


9904183 University of Maryland Eastern shore

--Department of Agriculture

(T.A. Mollett)

Impact of Population Reduction on Movement, Health, and Reproductive Behavior in Nutria


Leslie Terry


9904128 Virginia State University

--Agricultural Research Station

(Wondi Mersie)

Removal of Pesticides from Plasticulture Runoff using Vegetable Filter Strips


Cathy Seybold





Alabama Alabama A&M University $358,382 $ 453,728 $812,110

Tuskegee University $359,538 $397,909 $757,447

Arkansas University of Arkansas-PB $197,475 -0- $197,475

Delaware Delaware State University $179,100 -0- $179,100

Florida Florida A&M University $198,988 -0- $198,988

Georgia Fort Valley State University $89,408 $755,917 $845,325

Kentucky Kentucky State University $177,010 $253,243 $430,253

Louisiana Southern University $355,374 $281,142 $636,516

Maryland University of Maryland-ES $179,860 $299,024 $478,884

Mississippi Alcorn State University $340,458 $156,836 $497,294

Missouri Lincoln University $153,905 -0- $153,905

North Carolina North Carolina A&T State Univ. $703,967 -0- $703,967

Oklahoma Langston University $180,000 $680,000 $860,000

South Carolina South Carolina State University $333,876 $161,792 $495,668

Tennessee Tennessee State University $199,000 $549,645 $748,645

Texas Prairie View A&M University $180,000 -0- $180,000

Virginia Virginia State University $179,959 $266,645 $446,604

TOTALS $4,366,280 $4,255,881 $8,622,161

NOTE: Institutional Maximum is $860,000 and no institution may receive more than four grants